Confused Celebrity Pundit I

The best way to learn about left wing ideology is to read my book. The second best way would be to keep track of this blog, because here is where I will show you the outright stupidity of left wing ideology. I don’t mean in the sense that people on the left are stupid (though they are), I mean in the sense that people on the right are also really dumb, because none of them really understand the left, and not only that, they have yet to build a shrine to my book and myself or some combination, which they should, since I am the only person who really gets the left to the point that I actually get drowsy watching the news.

One day you could also get catatonic reading the headlines. It’s the same thing in every one. The news (at least in terms of left wing ideology) is one idea. Over and over and over.

Yaaawn.. ok, well, here, let’s start “blogging.”

Let’s take one example of a Confused Celebrity Pundit, the first of many in an endless series. Our first CCP is the extremely blonde…


Meghan McCain @MeghanMcCain

I love Meghan McCain. I really do. Most ultra-violent-extremist-right-wing-maniacs like me hate her guts. I don’t know why? Because to me Meghan McCain is two things, in this order. She is blonde. She is rich!

How rich do you figure Meghan McCain is? Just forget everything she says. It’s not memorable, or even very bearable most of the time. I swear her radio show sounds like her other millionaire aristocratic friends making plans to shop for teddys for their next pillow fight and slumber party, so obviously, no one cares what she says, but you can tell that she’s really fucking rich and of course blonde. REALLY blond.

So in that sense I really like Meghan McCain, but tonight I was listening to her radio show and all of a sudden the fantasizing about her stunning hair and family fortune came to an abrupt halt when she said one of her “ideas.” A very Confused Celebrity Pundit idea.

“Um, like… I don’t get it. I mean, I just totally don’t get it guys, it’s like John Kerry says that ISIS is being defeated and we are like, diminishing their power… but my daddy said the opposite and so did like Diane Feinstein. I mean, how can this be? I just don’t get it? Why would these guys say we are winning when ISIS is growing? I just don’t get it?”

(Of course you don’t my sweet)

So now, let me explain briefly what my friend Meghan is so confused about. This might come as a surprise, it might seem overly simplistic, but here is why John Kerry, that Obama guy and most Democrats don’t choose to consider Muslims or even ISIS to be something to fear, oppose and all of the other things that Meghan would expect from our leaders.

Here is your answer:

Because Muslims are brown.

Because Muslims aren’t Christians.

That’s it.

No, I’m not going to explain any more. This is a blog. You have to read more of it to get the point. But what I really want is to be driving down the road while someone like Meghan is on the air spouting off facts, figures, statistics, history, military strategy, national security, briefings, rumors and political intrigue and then when a caller asks them “Can you explain why Obama has such a detached and ineffective foreign policy” that she or the other CCPs would say…

Because Muslims are brown.

Because Muslims aren’t Christian.

And then just shut up for a minute. And wave that awesome hair! 😀

I get it. I think it’s funny.

(This blog took me off the Buddhist path to spiritual enlightenment for 47 minutes)




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