And now the hard part: Marketing

Untitled-1Well, the book is written and the reviews are trickling in. Zero official reviews so far, but I’m cracking the whip on the right ways to market the glacier-like pace of a book roll out.

(It takes time for people to read books).

But 5 people have, and the reactions are all somewhere between “very good” and “amazing.”

I’ve written 2 pieces for the Western Free Press which are listed here. I particularly like the second one (even though it got less attention) as it deals with some interesting concepts about the equality of nation-states and why they do or do not go to war.

Liberalism explained in one sentence

Freedom, Equality and Peace

I have 2 “big” plans slowly simmering for marketing, one of which involves college student readers and the second one deals with a concept in the final chapter which revolves around changing the “dialogue on race” which isn’t just something we need to do, it is something I believe we can do, if we know the right way to frame it. And I think we do. If you (scratch that) when you read the book and finish the section in the last chapter about the dialogue on race, we might be ready to talk.

So go ahead… click on that other page where you can buy it and let’s get it going! : )

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  1. J.T. Duffy // April 26, 2015 at 5:25 pm // Reply

    Addressing serious topics, but tempered with moments of humor, this book presents a useful framework for observing and better understanding the double-speak of contemporary political banter. Carefully crafted, The End of Prejudice is both a thoughtful and thought-provoking discourse. Regardless of one’s political bent, this is an excellent read, but for me, it provided real insights about the beliefs of our left-leaning fellow citizens. I enthusiastically recommend The End of Prejudice.

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