Book Excerpts

The left wing replacement of value systems. Chapter 4.

……..“Liberalism tells us that the poor man who lies is preferable to the rich man who is honest. It tells us that the dark woman who steals is superior to the white woman who gives. These sorts of breaches of logic are often described as “reality being flipped on its head”, a colorful description for what is actually happening, which is quite literally the act of a rational value system being replaced by an irrational one. For liberalism is nothing, if not the substitution of reason and morality for the alternate value system of “big and small.” Small replaces true, big replaces false. Big replaces wrong, small replaces right. Morality and reason, those fundamental pillars which fasten the fabric of any civilized society, are entirely and methodically exiled from the thought process and replaced with arbitrary measures of size.
……..“As my generation may or may not have learned, the struggle for racial equality in America was sacred, not simply because white and black had at last become equal, but because reason itself had triumphed, and had provided us the proper measure of equality. It was not simply through force and defiance that racism was defeated, it was also because of the ultimate recognition by society that it was wrong. As contemptible as prejudice is, we must remember that it is still human, and that it may in fact be overcome, but not before the society has recognized it for what it is. It can only be when liberalism is in fact understood by the society to be a vile and destructive prejudice, that it too may then begin to be replaced by reason.”

I apologize to the Jews.” Chapter 3.

……..“I love Israel! If ever there was truly a group of human beings deserving of the term “little guy” it would be the Jews and the state of Israel. No group of human beings has ever been so consistently, viciously and systematically persecuted and demonized as Jewish people. Anti-Semitism did not begin with the holocaust either, by the way. Far from it!
……..“Every day at 5 p.m. my favorite talk radio program comes on the air. At the end of each show, the host does a segment called “Why today doesn’t suck” which is essentially the reading of events that have taken place on that particular day in history. Without variance, each edition of the seven minute bit highlights at least one unimaginable atrocity perpetrated against Jewish people on that day. A thousand or so murdered here in one century, a population chased out of another city in another. The prevalence of the historical inhumanity against them is so great that the segment became nick-named “I apologize to the Jews!”
……..“As wretched and unfair as the Jews have had things throughout history, you would swear on a stack of Torahs that they would be considered a little guy, but they aren’t. In fact, not only do they not get any sympathy, they get the lion’s share of the blame for all of the madness that takes place in the Middle East, even though they start none of it!
……..“Do you know why people hate the Jews and hate Israel and consider Israel a big guy? Because Jewish people are successful, and despite being under a permanent racist and terrorist siege, Israel is free and exceedingly prosperous. People who stand up for themselves serve no purpose to those who see the world in terms of big guys and little guys, which is why Israel confounds and infuriates them so very much. Israel doesn’t need their help and wouldn’t take it if offered.
…….. “I love the Jews and I love Israel! A lot!”

The Cone of Prejudice. Chapter 5.

……..“We are up to our final explanation of liberalism for this chapter, and this one is also an original. Imagine being inside of a cone, like the one pictured below. Outside of the cone is reality, and inside of the walls of this cone, you are protected from exposure to this reality. You can see a little “reality scale” next to the cone, and this represents “how real” a particular situation or scenario might be. As the reality level increases, the person “inside the cone” rises higher out of the cone as well. So for instance, if the reality level was at its highest possible point, the inhabitant of the Cone of Prejudice would rise up far enough so that there would no longer be any part of the Cone of Prejudice obstructing their view of reality. Make sense?

(2) Image # 2 Cone of Prejudice

……..“The reality level has to get extremely high for a liberal to stop being blinded by their prejudice. The 9-11 attack on New York was a tragedy so repulsive that it brought liberals completely out of their Cone of Prejudice, and for a short time, the country felt united as a result, because everyone was living in the same reality. As time passed, the reality levels fell back to normal, and we were all back at each other’s throats.
……..“Another example of the Cone of Prejudice at work is when the liberal is asked about communism. When asked, they are almost all against communism. It’s very unclear what would stop us from getting to communism if everyone was a liberal, but that aside, they claim to be against it, and this is another example of something being a little too real to be obscured by the Cone. So if you are ever wondering why liberals sometimes seem to side with reality, the Cone of Prejudice is the most likely explanation. And this also gives us the faint hope that behind the walls of that cone, there are good people waiting to be reached, if only we could help them to rid themselves of their prejudice.”

The “Genius” Comfort Zone. Chapter 6.

……..“As we have just seen, for certain people, information needs to feel good or else it is rejected, and this brings us to the left wing media. There are scores of critiques about the propaganda known as “left wing bias” in the media, and so rather than rehash the blocks, deflections and retreats that permeate and personify the mainstream news, let’s look instead at those media sources which are slightly less veiled in their allegiance to the liberal cause. No, not the farce of “left wing talk radio” or any other medium which has sought to directly expound the left wing cause. Those mediums made the critical error of attempting to communicate the message of the left openly and honestly, which is of course impossible, since left wing ideology is neither, and explains why those efforts were, and always will be such spectacular failures. Instead, let us look at the true champions of left wing media. Those which promote the proper left wing ambiance as opposed to the proper left wing ideas, since there are no proper left wing ideas. I speak of course, of the left wing intellectual oases of the New York Times, the New Yorker, and NPR, those bastions of ideology where the exotic escape from the drudgery of reality is just a radio preset away.
……..“The much esteemed National Public Radio succeeds because of its therapeutic presentation, where for the 60 endless seconds leading into any given segment, you are soothed by the beats of a single echoing bongo or whisked away to the distant regions of your deeply empathetic imagination, serenaded by the whirring drones of Neolithic didgeridoos. To then validate your singular understanding of slightly less distant peoples and places, the next interminable 90 second auditory interlude finds us gently spirited by a Kentucky jug band, tooting, twanging and banging away in the lead-up to whatever “thoughtful” information you will compliantly nod your head in agreement with next, on our venerable public airwaves.
……..“I can’t stand NPR.
……..“Not because of the informational content. I can’t claim to be entirely familiar with the content, being so insulted by the phony presentation that I reflexively flip the station if ever it makes a lock on my radio dial, but as memory serves, they are certainly among the ranks of the liberally biased. I’m sure that I would find plenty of objections to the content as well, but it is the packaging itself, which strikes me as being so insulting and dishonest.
……..“NPR works because it provides the listener with the illusion of thoughtfulness. The needlessly lengthy sojourns into tranquilizing, “diverse” music, the British accented hosts serving Toledo, Tulsa and Shreveport, the folksy town hall variety shows channeling the contrived purity of some nondescript American “good ole days”. It is all the pretentious and soulless airbrushed soundtrack of the improperly-educated set, inoculating themselves from the tedium of the real world, and I can’t listen to it! The whole production is comfort food for the ego. Lard and junk mixed with Valium for people to binge on, because nothing appeals to a liberal more than being gently lulled into a false sense of wisdom.
……..“For the NPR listeners who by some miracle, may still be reading this book, I want you to remember one thing. Every time you listen to 2 minutes of duck calls, or are spirited away to wherever the next journey of NPR contemplation takes you, please remember that you are being manipulated. Listening to NPR, reading the New York Times or reading the New Yorker does not make you smart, it makes you feel smart, and those are not two different things, so much as they are two opposite things.
……..“Liberalism is constructed to make you believe that you are a benevolent genius, when in fact all that has been accomplished is the replacement of rational value systems in exchange for a false sensation of self-importance.
……..“Cue the bumper music. Who’s up next? The bongos? The jug band? A different station?

A call to “Stop Debating the Issues.” Chapter 10.

……..“And if it does not come to you immediately, give it a little time and reflection. Everything. Every single thing a liberal says and thinks about politics is the result of the little guy, big guy phenomenon. Some examples might be slightly more fuzzy than others, but at the root of every issue, you will always find your answer. They favor the little guy over the big guy. That’s it! So what exactly is there to be surprised about at this point?
……..“Just as ubiquitous as the insane things that liberals do and say on a daily basis, are the people on the right who are “shocked”, “appalled” and “astounded” at what they witness from the left. Their blood pressure shoots upward, they demand that others share their outrage, they call on all of us to fight back. I used to do all of those things as well, before everything came into focus, and I haven’t been surprised by a single thing I’ve heard from the left since. Once it all clicks, their ideas are more often a source of amusement than anger.
……..“Now that they are understood and in focus, we may all keep our cool and keep our own focus. Losing our cool is one way we can recognize that we are not being effective, so even if nothing else is immediately gained by understanding the left wing brain, the serenity it will bring means we are already one step closer to reaching them and bringing them back to reality. There is nothing left to be surprised about.
……..“As time passes, we will easily be able to take measure of who understands the left, and who still does not. The ones who continue to express shock, anger and dismay will be the ones who are still behind the curve. Once you encounter one of these folks, make the appropriate effort to explain liberalism to them, and once it clicks for them, they too will cease to be confused, angered and surprised. And so it will go on, until not even the left will be able to help but understand themselves.”

Musings on Economics in Chapter 11.

……..“We have already seen that communism is a political system and not an economic system. Conversely, there is no country on earth that has ever “implemented a capitalistic economic system.” The “economic systems” that are implemented are always political, based on the degree to which the citizens of the society are free to enjoy their natural human rights. “Capitalism” is simply the natural economic state that will emerge from the political entity wherein her people are free. Capitalism is no more a “system” than gravity is a system. Capitalism is a natural force arising from free will, which economics simply describes and quantifies.
……..“Have you ever noticed how the people attacking freedom never do it directly? They attack the natural result of freedom which is known as capitalism. The next time someone is attacking the “greed” of capitalism, you might want to point out their dishonesty and explain to them the type of political system they are attacking, namely the one which provides people with the most human rights. And then be sure to call them a Pinko!
……..“When human beings create things, those things that are created take on value and we give that value the name “wealth.” Wealth can be a skyscraper, the value of a piece of music or wealth can be 5 cents. This economic term wealth is not to be confused with some rich guy with an obnoxious, expensive car. It is the formal term to describe the value of the things that human beings create. When comparing the natural sciences, the term “wealth” of economics, would be analogous to the term “matter” of physics. It is the “stuff” that we study when we study economics. And one interesting observation of this analogy is that while the matter of physics can never be created nor destroyed, the wealth of economics is constantly being either created or destroyed.”

“Negative” rights. Chapter 12.

……..“Another popular and deceptive myth is the twisted and offensive reasoning of the aristocratic liberal intelligentsia, who make the claim that the United States Constitution is only ho-hum because it is merely a collection of “negative rights”, and that government should swing into action and correct this foundational malfeasance by providing people with their due “positive rights.” Semantics can be delightfully sinister, and this particular piece of political trickery is especially malevolent in that it would reverse the concept of human rights entirely, by literally rearranging whom they belong to.
……..“If we were to believe that a “negative right” was negative because it laid forth what the society could not do to you, then this would necessarily mean that a “positive right” was an act that the society, or more accurately, an act that the government could do to you.
……..“So not only do we find that the “positive rights” of the left exist almost certainly for the sole purposes of overriding your legitimate natural rights, we see revealed yet again the true agenda of the left, as their advocacy for particular rights is clearly in favor of the power of the government to rule you, as opposed to the human rights of the citizens themselves to be left free. Put more simply, the left believe in government rights and do not believe in human rights. The only rights they really care about are their rights to rule over you!
……..“If only it weren’t for all of your silly and whimsical “negative rights”, you pathetic and lowly citizens of the society, the benevolent masters of the left could rule you all and rule you right!
……..All human rights are positive, as they are positively conferred to us by nature, and not by grotesque Harvard law school graduates. The only things that those sorts of people can confer are a bunch of lies to make you think that human rights are “negative.” What a load of stomach turning rubbish, if I don’t say so myself. And I do!”

Origins of the United States Constitution. Chapter 13.

……..“In the following year, Parliament put forth into law the Bill of Rights of 1689, the rationale for those rights being widely attributed to you-know-who. Among the rights included were the protection of free speech, the right to petition the monarchy without fear of reprisal as well as the reinstitution of the right of Protestants to possess firearms. Do any of those rights sound familiar? It is in the next year of 1690 when Locke’s second treatise is published and from that point we can follow the historical progression as it bounces across the Atlantic and moves into the American colonies.
……..“As the seeds of revolution slowly begin to be sown, the critical and daring blow is struck on July 4th 1776, when those of the Continental Congress thrust the Declaration of Independence into the saga of history, and the world would watch on as the first historical battle for the ideas of equal rights and self-rule was to be carried out on the soil of America!
……..“As we can see from the historical record, the Constitution was not an origin and the Declaration of Independence certainly wasn’t either. Just as people since the writing of the Constitution often equate it to an origin, people before it may have likely viewed it as an end, which points out perfectly, that what it is, is in fact is a middle, and the thing that binds together not only history, but ideology as well.
……..“People on the right will serve themselves well if the Constitution is thought of more as a linchpin, and less as an origin, for in order to most effectively engage with the opposition, the undecided and any coming generations, we should be able to speak of our Constitution with a wide angle, where we are able to place it in the context of what came before it as well as what has come because of it”

The full equation describing right wing ideology. Chapter 13.

……..“It is only when understanding the entirety of right wing ideology that it can be properly explained to other people, otherwise, as was the case with myself, it may take years of reading the news, “debating the issues” and the various other misadventures required to be undertaken in order to properly discover right wing ideology if it cannot be readily explained to you by anyone.
……..“Right wing ideology is very simple once its three component parts are properly joined together. It finds its basis in Natural Law, which calls for society to be formed under the Social Contract, which in America’s case is the Constitution. And upon this Social Contract may rest the Civil Society, the third and final element of right wing ideology. It’s a stack of three! We can illustrate right wing ideology in several ways. We can delineate right wing ideology mathematically:

……..Right wing ideology = Natural Law + the Social Contract + the Civil Society.

……..“We could also present it theoretically, where Natural Law is the philosophy, where the Social Contract is the instrument with which to implement that philosophy, and where the Civil Society represents both the activated and the completed form of the ideology.
 ……..“We could also present right wing ideology metaphorically as the banquet of society. The legs of the table would be Natural Law. A decent ideology needs to stand on sturdy support, and there could be no sturdier philosophy than Natural Law. Upon those legs rests the table top of the Constitution. A well-constructed and durable surface upon which the society would safely sit. And finally, atop that table top we would be free to serve up the grand banquet of life, which would be the participation in the great Civil Society.”

The hapless right, cowering behind their battered Constitution. Chapter 14.

……..“The failure of the right is that it does not push for the enlightened society, rather it defends against the unenlightened society and as such, it is constantly alienating itself and defending itself from the unenlightened society. The right alienates and antagonizes the unenlightened society by attacking it rather than educating it, the right being uneducated and ultimately unenlightened themselves.
……..“The right has camped out in the no man’s land of the middle section of their ideology – the Constitution – by using it as a shield, leaving it to take blow after blow from the left, without availing of the sword of Natural Law, nor the olive branch of the Civil Society to reverse the current momentum of history, and restore the original inertia brought forth by the founders and the philosophers.
……..“Were the right to avail of their full stable of ideological assets, they would find themselves not only able to make offensive maneuvers on the political battlefield through the ideas of Natural Law, but also able to make offers of social diplomacy, away from the political battlefield and through the ideas of the Civil society. As it is, the hapless Republicans are simply drug onto the battlefield of politics like lambs to the slaughter, facing the catapults, axes and crossbows of the barbarian left, armed only with their shield, cowering for survival behind the ever more battered and buckling Constitution.”

The children of the world joining hands in peace. Chapter 14.

……..“I always knew that the coexist bumper sticker was a farce, and I never really trusted the “children of the world joining hands in love” symbolism either, seeing in it the obvious hallmarks of left wing cultural moral equivalence, but this suspicion over the children of the world joining hands in peace should be put to rest at last, and this can be done by removing the skepticism from the analysis and taking the image at face value. If its true meaning is one of a world with no hatred and a world guided by love for one another, then it is quite apparent which ideology the happy, equal and unprejudiced little children of the world belong to; they would belong to the right of course, so we’ll be taking that image now. It’s ours. Thanks! Yoink!

(2) Image # 7 Children of the World

……..“We will now be taking this symbol – thank you very much – not so much because we need ambiguous and corny symbolism to represent our ideas, more so because love and true cooperation are the antithesis of left wing ideology. So the next time you see a white college girl getting pepper sprayed by the cops down at the manufactured race riot, wearing the “children of the world joining hands in love” T-shirt, go ahead on up to her and thank her for kindly voting Republican! Whoo Hoo!”


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