Untitled-1 — “Yes, Kelvin Smyth REALLY DID solve liberals!

From Kelvin’s remarkable insight that liberals see everything through the lens of Little Guy vs. Big Guy – and that they’ll ALWAYS side with the “Little Guy” regardless of truth or logic – to his brief but excellent coverage of John Locke’s influence on America’s beginnings via his writings about Natural Law, this book belongs on EVERY conservative’s book shelf (after reading it at least once!). I wish I could buy them by the case and pass them out.

Kelvin Smythe really has solved liberals, and he’s given us an piercingly clear look into why they think the way they do. Get this book – get it now.”- Jefferson Adams

“I spent many a night banging my head trying to understand liberals. I could not in anyway shape or form logically understand their ideology. I was encouraged to pick up this book, and everything now makes sense. The book in depth explained how and why they think the way they do, all while loaded with humor. The book prompted me to have questions that i hadn’t had before, and without exception all my questions eventually got answered as there is very little the author doesn’t touch base on. I highly recommend, This was a great read!” – theannoyingorange

—“A must read for Americans who are confused by the current strife in our country. Get this book ASAP!

The End Of Prejudice was a concise and methodical look at the differences between the Left and the Right. The examples given in the book not only show the extreme differences in ideology between people on opposite ends of the political spectrum, they explain the reason why such a rift exists. Mr. Smythe’s analysis, taken in the context of history, is spot on.

If you’ve ever sat scratching your head, trying to understand why things seem never to change, no matter how crazy the antics of either or both parties, this is the book for you. If you’ve ever felt the urge to throw things at the TV while watching talking heads throw softballs at the members of one political party while at the same time dumpster diving to get some smidgen of dirt on any given member of the other party, you will find that reading this book is like turning on the lights. You will see exactly what the prejudiced people do, why they do it, and how they keep getting away with it.

There couldn’t be a better time for Americans to have such a book available, and as an added bonus, Mr Smythe has a sense of humor. The book is entertaining and easy to understand. What a terrific read!” – Daniella

— “Addressing serious topics, but tempered with moments of humor, this book presents a useful framework for observing and better understanding the double-speak of contemporary political banter. Carefully crafted, The End of Prejudice is both a thoughtful and thought-provoking discourse. Regardless of one’s political bent, this is an excellent read, but for me, it provided real insights about the beliefs of our left-leaning fellow citizens. I enthusiastically recommend The End of Prejudice.” – J.T. Duffy

—“I have read Kelvin’s book several times and find that it is easy to read, the original thoughts build upon themselves from chapter to chapter and that it makes me want to do something about it all.  But what and how?

 I agree with the concept of not arguing the politics of things as minds don’t get changed that way.  The concept of explaining their own ideology back to them, has merit; however, in Kelvin’s own examples, he suggests that this often doesn’t work.  But, perseverance by those over decades is how we are in this situation and we have been too busy working and having lives and believing that it can’t get any worse.  But it can.

 Speaking out in clear language that informs, and frames responses to show liberals’ conformity of thought, lack of humanity without common sense or humor, and, to keep doing it, IS the way to go.” – MCD

—  “I DID get the book… but re: that to do list, I’ve not read it yet…  BUT my husband read it and he LOVED IT and said “you really need to read your friends book, it’s well done.”..   That is very high praise BTW as he’s a grumpy guy and quite stingy with his compliments.   <grin>” – N.C.