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You are now chatting with ‘Anthony’

Anthony: Hello Kelvin.

Kelvin: Hi. I am trying to find the link to the list of different book plans.

Kelvin: Platinum, plus, gold… I can’t remember what they are all called, but the page that compares all the plans.


Kelvin: Where to from there?


Kelvin: That’s the one….

Kelvin: Thanks for your help!

Anthony: Please call your publishing consultant – Brad Tirey for assistance.

Kelvin: ?

Kelvin: What?

Anthony: What else do you need?

Kelvin: Do you answer questions for people who are already customers?

Anthony: Your consultant Brad Tirey is available. His # is 888-5195121 ext.5393. He will assist you accordingly.

Kelvin: You didn’t answer my question.

Anthony: Brad will accommodate all your concers.

Anthony: concerns

Kelvin: You still didn’t answer my question.

Kelvin: Do you want me to repeat my question? It is a yes or no question…………

Anthony: We will help you in any we can. Since you already have a consultant he is the best person to call or talk to.

Kelvin: Ok. I am going to ask you a question. I want you to answer with a “Yes” or a “No.” Can you do that?

Anthony: YES!

Kelvin: Great. Here it is… Do YOU help people who are already customers?

Anthony: You are chatting with a publishing consultant. Same as Brad. Any questions about publishing,  your consultant will address.

Kelvin: That was not a Yes or No response.

Anthony: Please call our Customer Services hotline – 888-519-5121 ext 5040. They will assist you.

Kelvin: Please say “Yes” or “No.”

Kelvin: See, you didn’t help me and you are not here to help existing customers. Why didn’t you just say “NO”?

Anthony: “Yes”

Kelvin: Bahahah.

Kelvin: Then why didn’t you help me?

Chat session has ended.