Ideology in Action

One of the beautiful things about the book is the vast amount of solutions that are to be found in it, starting of course with solving the worst problem of them all, left wing ideology itself! But as we venture beyond left wing ideology and begin to explore a much more invigorating version of right wing ideology than we experience at present, a wide range of solutions begin to present themselves. We on the right have more or less conceded the entire premise of “politics” to the left, in that we only fight our battles vicariously through the politicians and the legislatures, which as we must know by now, rarely if ever actually represent us anyway. By introducing institutions into the Civil Society based on an explicit ideological imperative, we have the opportunity to make government ever more redundant, if we were to put as much effort into the fight on our “home turf” as we attempt to through the ill-fated filter of politics proper. All it would take would be a little imagination, since we know the effort and support would follow.

But even beyond these solutions, there are more, including the two treatises on conflict resolution found in the climactic 15th and final chapter which deal specifically with the problems of black American culture in distress and everyone’s favorite, the scourge of Islamic terrorism.

These problems can be solved. They really can! It won’t be simple, but it can be done. The Jets didn’t have to win Super Bowl III, the Mets didn’t have to win game 6 and the Vets didn’t have to win World War II or the original Revolution, but all of them did win and we can conquer these other seemingly insurmountable obstacles as well.

The following interview helped inspire one of the aforementioned sections in the final chapter and I believe holds a key to solving the problem of the stalled “dialogue on race.” To evidence the content in the book as being solution-driven, I will be exploring a project to follow through on the failed dialogue and look forward to remarking on its progress on this page.

Enjoy the interview.